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Fiducian Financial Services Canberra has an expertise unrivaled in Canberra to provide you with objective and clearly communicated personalised advice across all the areas that matter to you. 

Fiducian Canberra was established in 2002 as a privately owned and operated company.  Ever since, we have offered a holistic service that combines investment strategy advice with a considered management approach to build and preserve wealth. 


In particular, our office specialises in advice regarding the Public Service and Military Defined Benefit Superannuation Schemes (i.e. the CSS, PSS, DFRDB, MSBS, PSSap and ADF Super).  Our financial planners will provide you with a uniquely detailed analysis and options over the management of these schemes and clearly answer many of the complex question you have over accessing benefits from them.

We can provide you with advice in key areas including implementation of ongoing tax efficient investment strategies to build long term wealth within the Australian superannuation system.  Our team also offer specialist advice in areas of personal and asset protection through life, income protection and total and permanent disability (TPD) insurance covers.  


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