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The Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation Schemes (‘ComSuper’) are complex and often misunderstood areas of superannuation advice. This means that making the right decisions around your benefit can greatly change the outlook of your retirement and life. Our experienced Planners are specialists when it comes to Commonwealth Superannuation wealth accumulation.

At Fiducian Canberra, we are second-to-none when it comes to understanding and advising on the Commonwealth Superannuation Schemes, covering CSS, PSS, PSSap, DFRDB, MSBS and ADF Super. It is the knowledge of these schemes upon which our business expertise is built and we are well known throughout Canberra and beyond, for being specialists when it comes to providing advice in this regard.

Through our specialisation, over many years, we have developed a number of in-house ComSuper tools, which may project and examine a range of strategies and scenarios for you, such as:

  • best exit and retirement dates;

  • implications of redundancy;

  • impact of part-time work;

  • optimal ways to access and receive your benefit; and

  • your potential pension and lump sum benefits, in net of tax terms.

All of this information allows us to be fully informed when discussing things such as retirement planning, superannuation accumulation, investment options, and estimates of your death and invalidity and insurance cover.

Whenever you want to discuss your ComSuper superannuation, our aim is that you’ll work with the same Planner every time you connect with our Firm, who will develop a deep understanding of your situation and what you aim to achieve. This continuity gives our Planners the ability to advise and adjust your advice, over time, to ensure you and your plan stay on track.

You’ll be safe in the knowledge that the advice your Planner provides you is the best advice. That’s because we are not aligned to any of the major banks or investment houses.  This independence means we are not placed under any pressure to sell you specific financial products. We firmly believe that your circumstances and tailored advice should be what decides the choice of products you need, to achieve your financial goals.

We would welcome an initial conversation with you to discuss your financial goals, your Commonwealth Superannuation Schemes, or other aspects of your specific circumstances, regardless of where you work or where you currently find yourself, in your Financial Planning journey.

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