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If you are like most people, you insure your car, your house, you have health insurance, maybe pet insurance, and you even get insurance when you travel. That’s because you clearly understand the financial consequences should something unexpected happen. Your most important asset, however, is yourself. Do you know, are you, yourself adequately protected?

Having adequate personal financial protection is just as important as the focus on wealth building.

Two important questions to ask yourself are: “Can I sustain my current lifestyle should I become sick or injured?” and “What would happen to my family should I pass away?”.

No doubt, in financial planning, you’ll want to focus on wealth building and ensuring you have the flexibility to make choices later in life. Our carefully considered and tailored plans will help you get there. They are often just based, however, on the assumption of all being well. An important consideration, often overlooked is what happens if you become sick, injured, or die and the income you are generating, and planned to generate, is impacted?

That is why we work with you to review your personal financial protection measures and ensure you have adequate cover to ensure you meet your wealth building goals with a cost-effective premium.  We have expertise in the operation of insurance within the ComSuper schemes ie PSS, CSS, MSBS, DFRDB and PSSap, and how they can interact with retail insurances.

In working with you, our considerations include:

  • term life (ie death) cover;

  • total and permanent disability cover;

  • trauma or critical illness cover; and

  • income protection.

Whenever discussing your personal financial protection plans, our aim is that you will work with the same Planner every time, who will come to have a deep understanding of your situation and what you are hoping to achieve and protect. That gives the Planner the ability to advise and adjust your personal financial protection plan, over time, to ensure you stay on track.

You’ll be safe in the knowledge that the advice your Planner provides you is the best advice. That’s because our Firm is not aligned to any of the major banks or investment houses and that means we are not placed under any pressure to sell you specific financial products. We firmly believe that your circumstances and tailored plan should be what decides the products you require to achieve your financial goals and necessary personal financial protection.

Our personal protection financial plans may be provided as part of your general wealth creation planning or as a stand-alone service.

We would welcome an initial conversation with you about your circumstances and what financial goals you want to achieve including any necessary personal financial protection you require.

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