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"The best part of being a financial planner is knowing that I can actively contribute to making our clients’ lives better, easier and more prosperous, and it’s my absolute pleasure to be a part of their financial planning journey"

Will Han


Will believes in the power of financial freedom and how this affects our clients with achieving in their personal and financial aspirations. Having grown up with a keen interest in finance and seeing the global economy unravel through various economic events such as the GFC and the COVID pandemic, Will has seen the real effect on individuals trying to navigate the complex world of finance.  He has devoted his time and efforts to become someone who can provide effective guidance for our clients and ensure they are well informed of their options to make the best possible decision in all situations.

Will brings with him a wealth of knowledge and highly technical skills through his double degree in Economics and Finance from the ANU and years of dedication and further education in the financial planning industry. With a careful approach, Will is passionate about applying his knowledge and experience to improve individual’s financial well-being so they can achieve superior financial outcomes during both good and bad times.

Outside of work, Will is an avid golfer and a member of the Fairbairn Club. He grew up in New Zealand and arrived in Canberra in 2010 and has been charmed by the beautiful city of Canberra and a place he truly considers home.

As an Authorised Representative of Fiducian Financial Services, Will is committed to empowering his clients by providing financial knowledge, offering pragmatic solution and personalised financial advice to allow his clients to reach their highest goals. 

Will's formal qualifications include:


  • •    Graduate Diploma of Financial Planning
    •    Bachelor of Economics (ANU)
    •    Bachelor of Finance (Capital Markets) (ANU)
    •    Currently studying Masters of Financial Planning 
    •    Passed FASEA Code of Ethics exam as required under Corporations Act 2017
    •    Candidate for CPA Associate Member


Will is authorised by Fiducian Financial Services PTY Ltd to provide you with financial planning services, including dealing in the following financial products:  

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