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Where can I find the office?

We are located at Suites 10 & 11 Royal Life Saving House, 26-28 Napier Close, DEAKIN, ACT, 2600.

Refer to Map in 'CONTACT US'.

Is parking available?

Visitor parking is available behind our building (the Royal Life Saving House). Additional free street parking is available on Napier Close.

How do I make an appointment?

Please contact our office on (02) 6162 2656 or email us at


How much does an appointment cost?

The cost of financial planning will vary depending on your financial needs and the complexity of advice required.  

If you would like for us to provide a detailed estimate of the potential costs for your financial planning advice, you can call our office on (02) 6162 2656. This will allow you to provide information on some of the issues you would like assistance with, so that our Planners may provide an estimated cost.


What should I bring to my appointment?

Please bring any documents that you believe may be relevant to your circumstances. This may include superannuation statements (particularly for ComSuper scheme members), payslips, investment details and other financial statements.


In addition, when you book your appointment one of our Executive Assistants will send a client questionnaire for you to complete. It is important that you send this questionnaire (and any supporting documentation) to our office prior to the initial appointment. This will allow your Planner to prepare for the discussion and will result in a more efficient and effective meeting.


What will happen at a financial planning appointment?

Following the completion of your client questionnaire, you will attend an initial meeting with one of our Planners. This meeting is important for a Planner to understand your goals and objectives, as well as your current financial position. This meeting will last for up to two hours and will include an overview of some strategies that may be used to achieve your financial goals.


If you would like to proceed with a formal Statement of Advice (ie a tailored written financial plan) at the end of this initial meeting, your Planner will provide a Letter of Engagement. This Letter of Engagement will outline the topics and strategies to be detailed in the Statement of Advice and the cost for its provision.

Do you charge commissions?

Our office does not charge any commissions for superannuation or investment products. Insurances products may carry commissions paid by the insurer at no additional cost to you. Any fees or commissions will be agreed with you up front and will be fully disclosed in your Statement of Advice.  


In addition, our office complies with Financial Planning legislation that requires us to provide clients with annual Fee Disclosure Statements and for clients to formally "opt-in" to any previously agreed upon ongoing fee arrangements.

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