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Family Law

The law and practices that relate to family relationships, breakdowns and divorce are complex areas and likely to be new to most people. It is often the case that many people facing these issues simply do not know how or even where to begin dealing with them. 

While we are not solicitors, we are able to provide guidance during a separation and highlight any matters that need to be addressed.  These commonly include:


  • the division of property and liabilities;


  • care and living arrangements for any children of the relationship;


  • getting a divorce;


  • applying for and obtaining child support payments for any children of the relationship; and


  • amendments to your will and other Estate Planning arrangements.


Moreover, we have developed extensive experience in the optimal management of the benefits in the ComSuper schemes (i.e. the PSS, CSS, DFRDB and MSBS) as part of any relationship breakdown and financial settlement.  

Specialist Planners

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