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Family Trusts

A family trust is generally relates to a discretionary that has been set up to either hold a family's assets or conduct a family business. Common reasons for their use include to:


  • assist in protecting your family's combined assets from the liabilities of one or more of the family individuals (for instance, in the event of a family members' personal bankruptcy, any assets held in a family trust would be protected);


  • provide a sure method to pass family assets to future generations; and


  • access favourable taxation treatment by allocating income so that all family members use their annual tax-free threshold.


Aside from the above, a family trust can provide other potential advantages such as avoiding challenges to the Will following a death in the family.  


Our planners can assist in identifying whether a family trust could provide benefit in your situation and assist in its setup, ongoing management and identification and avoidance of any issues. 

Specialist Planners

Schedule a consultation with one of our Family Trust specialist planners. 

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