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Investment Advice

Investment advice is an important element of your financial planning needs.  You don't need to have a huge amount to start investing, many of our clients started out with just a savings plan.


Our team of advisers carefully construct a range of portfolios to suit different styles of investors (i.e. from cautious investors to aggressive investors).  


Each portfolio seeks to offer our clients exposure to markets and sectors that we believe will deliver superior opportunities for growth over the long-term.  In addition to a range of asset classes including specialist sectors such as Technology and Emerging markets, these portfolios also target diversification across different fund managers to reduce potential volatility.  

Our portfolios do pay careful attention to product and management costs as well as transparency but ultimately our focus is on the net returns we can provide to our clients.  While past performance is not necessarily an indicator of furture performance, our performance history does show how our long-term and diversified approach has seen our portfolios outperfom major index returns and many other superannuation fund portfolios.

Specialist Planners

Schedule a consultation with one of our Investment Advice experts. 

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