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Public Sector Superannuation

We specialise in the provision of advice to employees of the APS. This has allowed us to build extensive knowledge of the operation of the Public Sector Superannuation (PSS) scheme.


Using our customised PSS calculator and other projection tools we have developed in-house, we can provide our clients with estimates and advice for the PSS in the following areas:


  • contribution strategies which can maximise the employer benefit and ultimately, the total benefit from the PSS; 


  • selection of exit dates to maximise your PSS benefit; 


  • the impact of moving to part-time work on your PSS benefit; 


  • management of your PSS benefits at retirement to ensure selection of the optimal way to receive your PSS benefit; and


  • projecting your potential PSS pension and lump sum benefits in net of tax terms.


In addition, we can also consider:


  • the financial implications of accepting a redundancy; 


  • assistance in selecting an appropriate investment option within the PSS (preserved benefit members only); and


  • estimates of your death and invalidity cover in PSS.

Specialist Planners

All of our planners specialise within the PSS Scheme and can assist with your enquiries 

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