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The Public Sector Superannuation accumulation plan (PSSap) replaced the previous Public Sector Superannuation (PSS) scheme in 2005 and is the current default superannuation fund for employees of the Australian Public Service (APS).  


APS employees are entitled to a contribution to superannuation that is equal to 15.4% of their salary (before tax).  This contribution can be paid into any superannuation fund, not just the PSSap.  Employees of the APS therefore have a choice over their superannuation fund and have the opportunity to select one which best suits their needs.  


A Fiducian Financial Planner can provide an assessment of your personal needs to help you decide on the best superannuation provider for you.  Our considerations would include a comparison of fees, net returns and, other comparative measures.


The PSSap does provide some cost effective insurance coverage to its members.  However, there are some potentially substantial limitations to this coverage that all members should understand and consider before deciding whether it is appropriate or not.  We can help you in assessing your own personal insurance needs and understanding whether the PSSap cover is suitable for you. 

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