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Risk Management

Whilst most people’s focus in financial planning is on wealth creation, it is just as important to have adequate protection measures in place so that your long-term goals can be achieved irrespective of your capacity to work. 


Our goal is to assist clients in reviewing their risk management needs to ensure they have at least adequate cover to meet their goals and objectives with a cost effective premium.  We have expertise in the operation of insurance within the ComSuper schemes (i.e. PSS, CSS, MSBS, DFRDB and PSSap) and how they can interact with retail insurances. Our considerations would include: 


  • term life (i.e. death) cover;


  • total and permanent disability cover;


  • trauma or critical illness cover; and


  • income protection.


This service can be provided as part of a client’s general financial planning or as a stand alone service.

Specialist Planners

Schedule a consultation with one of our Risk Management experts. 

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